The YOSU brand was developed in 2017 in Ulsan, South Korea. Until recently, the Korean and Japanese markets were the main consumers of YOSU products, but in early 2018, the meeting of the company’s founders decided to start developing the brand in other markets. Primarily in the markets of the Pacific-Asian region, in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. Today, the product is delivered to the above markets having won the trust and recognition of car owners.

YOSU products meet the standards and requirements of all global car manufacturers and are made on the basis of high-quality Korean base oils of group III and additive packages of the best European manufacturers, such as Lubrizol and Infenium, the products are constantly being improved and thoroughly monitored. All products comply not only with international standards API and ACEA, but also with the strictest requirements of automakers.


YOSU lubricants have unique performance characteristics, which gives the best protection in all engine nodes.

Provides easy start at severe frosts, while the oil reliably lubricates the engine at high temperatures and high loads, thereby creating a smooth and stable operation of the car.

The advantage of Yosu lubricants is the low coefficient of evaporation, which reduces the risk of deposit and all sorts of deposits.

The technological process of production is constantly improving, new technologies are applied, which undoubtedly affects the improvement of product quality and reputation.



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